# 🤝help
The chat that opens after I share my bot shows no choice options and seems to be completely messed up in how it works
Hey @fresh-scooter-54803, I was able to load your bot and see choices when I spoke to it. Could you tell me a bit more about the exact issue you're facing?


I see the first possible choice and after that it just stops displaying them anymore. I will try again rn maybie waiting a day worked but i doubt it I will get back to you as soon as i know more thank ypu very much!
Okay it allows me to choose from the first single choice, but after that the choices are not displayed anymore. When the greeting pops up you are prompted to choose from "start an overview" or "ask a question". After you choose one of those it just stops displaying the choices. So I only get the first choice and after that not anymore.
Sometimes the choices load in after 15min waiting
I loaded your bot and saw the same issue. After I changed your choice skill from a multiple choice to a single choice, the problem went away after re-publishing the bot. Single/multiple choice doesn't actually refer to the answer options, but how many values are extracted from free text input. So, if I had a single choice question "What pizza toppings would you like?" And the user said "Cheese, pepperoni, and olives" then the bot would only extract "cheese." However if that same question was a multiple choice, the bot would extract "cheese", "pepperoni", and "olives." Regardless of the choice type, if the user clicked a button only that value is extracted.