Hello @everyone, I have a few questions about buil...
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Hello @everyone, I have a few questions about build a bot on Botpress, if anyone knows how to solve any of the further issues please let me know. Issues:- 1) what to do when customer wants to ask more than 1 question, the bot I made doesn't allows a customer to ask more than one question it ends the conversation after 1 question. 2) if I want to make a bot for a business, What do you suggest to add the whole website as the knowledge base or specific web pages?? 3) Why does the First question starts repeating after every random question asked by the customer?? Any solutions? If anyone knows how to solve even 1 query do let me know it'll be great. 👍
Hey, I'll try to answer your questions here:
1. That's how you've designed the conversation, you need to add more nodes if you want the conversation to continue. Think of a each node as a step in a conversation
2. You can do both. But if you have specific pages that have denser and more relevant information. It's always better to add those, like your FAQ pages
3. Would need more context
Hey thanks for responding it's really helpful
So in the 3rd question, I said that, when I'm testing my bot in Botpress itself, the conversation starter message automatically pops up after every message
Would you be able to share a screenshot of your studio? Without knowing what your workflow looks like, it's hard for me to provide you with practicable solution to your query. Thanks 🙂