WhatsApp quick reply limitations
# 🤝help
Why is one question being split into two messages? Is this a limitation of Botpress or WhatsApp?



I don't have that problem in Telegram
Hey @aloof-shoe-51097, I believe this is actually on Meta's side. The same thing happens with Messenger when your buttons are more than 20 characters long. Looks like the limit is a bit higher for WhatsApp though!
Do you have any workaround?
Oh actually I was focusing on the buttons being cut haha! Can you try single choice rather than multi choice for your type of value to extract and see if that allows for more than 3 choices?
Otherwise I'll check on my end to see why this is happenning!
I don't mind reducing the text on the buttons, I'm interested in having all four responses together rather than in different messages.
Tested with single choice -- the same problem



Hi @aloof-shoe-51097, yes, unfortunately this is a limitation coming from Whatsapp, so our Whatsapp integration has to resort to splitting choices in groups of 3 max.
Got it, thank you!
Required for Reply Buttons. A button object can contain the following parameters: type: only supported type is reply (for Reply Button) title: Button title. It cannot be an empty string and must be unique within the message. Emojis are supported, markdown is not. Maximum length: 20 characters. id: Unique identifier for your button. This ID is returned in the webhook when the button is clicked by the user. Maximum length: 256 characters. You can have up to 3 buttons. You cannot have leading or trailing spaces when setting the ID.
Hi @aloof-shoe-51097 can I check with you if you have to verify your business manager before the bot works? Did you have to request any additional permissions?
No, it's not required. Test number works from start, but know we used own number.
Just used the instruction from BotPress to install an intergration with WhatsApp