Problem with translation + personality agents
# 🤝help
Hey everyone! Currently building a customer support and a Q&A bot - Knowledge Base is English, bot responds in Hebrew + Users talk in Hebrew I currently have two issues, which I searched here on Discord but couldn't find an answer to. 1. I am using a personality agent. However, I only want it to be activated when the bot responds using the knowledge base. The user is only forwarded to the knowledge base when he isn't satisfied with the pre-planned text answers. However, the personality agent is also being activated in the pre-built answers (simple text nodes), which slightly changes the tone/words of the answer. Is it possible to fix it? 2. The bot sometimes (happens in 1 of 20 responses) answers in English, instead of Hebrew. I checked the logs, and it says: "Language detection skipped – message too short" How do I fix it as well? (pic attached: TranslationAgent1.png, TranslationAgent2.png)

Any assistance regarding the second problem? (2)