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I built a simple bot that help pulling data out of a websites, how can I make it capable of understanding following questions? For example: User: what song can help me train better Bot: giving a song name User: can you find a song that has more beat in it? Bot: same style song but with more beat E.g 2: User: write a list of 10 songs that has the letter h in their name. Bot: create a simple list of random songs User:I need all the songs to be in pop style Bot: create another list with songs that has letter h and that are pop style Hope I was understood, I tried to find a solution but I only could find an option of using AI task which can't help me consider I need the bot to use my own Knowledge Base. Thought about using summery agent but I don't know how to use it for internal use.
Hey @rich-father-58800, for your bot to be able to understand the context of the conversation and remember previous messages, you can use the variable {{conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript}}. By default, your knowledge agent context field should look like what I have in the screenshot, if not I suggest adding it this way. You'll also need to organize your flow so that it does a "conversational loop", so once the question has been answered, the user has the option to keep the conversation going, either by redirecting them to the start of that same node or giving them the ability to ask another question in a following node. Hope that helps!

I tested it and it work only for really simple following questions but when I started ask more difficult questions or even mentioning my name and then ask it to mention my name in his answer the bot couldn't answer. I don't know if it's just because NLU issues or because of my knowledge bases, either way it can't answer complicated following questions.