The kb answer on the single choice.
# 🤝help
My bot starts out with a single choice. If the use picks the choice called "Andet." the workflow goes down to a message and then down so the user can ask questions. The problem is that the bot also answers on the Text "Andet." which resulst in randon message. Is there way to only have the kb answer after the next text from the user?

If you don't want the KB to be triggered on the first node, make sure that your KB isn't toggled on that first node.

I dont have the kb toggled on any of the nodes
This is the way it goes when i say "Andet." from the Single choice

I have manual answering on from the agent. I have set it to answer in the "KB" node.
I would like to wait for one more response before going to the next node. How do i do that?
I fixed it by just usign a "Raw Input" card.
Instead of the Text card