Execute code API call not coming back
# 🤝help
Hey there, I am making a bot for a work project where it makes an api call to chat gpt in the execute code card. It works fine in the botpress editor, but when I try it with the sharable URL, or on our website where the bot is embedded, the api call will never get back. This also only happens for specific inputs, where the prompt, "Hi" will work, but the prompt, "Help me with a recruiting strategy for a Process Improvement 3 job in Jacksonville Florida, places where i can find the talent " will not (Despite both of them working in the botpress editor. Please could someone help me with this, as this suddenly only started happening today? Could this be a problem with botpress's webchat integration since a prototype bot I made a while ago that used to work fine (That I haven't touched in days) is also having the same problem? Here is the support ticket: 9688ca19-7496-43f6-8954-e9c1353920e4
The problem was that the webchat api call will cancel if the execution time is over a minute.