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Is there a way to override the AI of a message. Suppose I want the Bot to reply with a very specific greeting like "Hey there comic book fans, super glad you are here". And, I want it verbatim with no changes? Currently my bot gives a similar, but different greeting every time .
Hi @delightful-sandwich-12539, Not sure if I understand your use case but if you want your bot to give the same greeting every time you can use a standard text card where the bot sends the text you give it. If this is not possible because you want to use AI to infer intent and give a specific response depending on the intent, I believe you have a couple of options. One would be to use the AI task and prompt engineering and the other one could be to use the intent flow card and standard text card. Disclaimer: I’m not part of the botpress support team.
Thanks, understood. I was using one of the templates, and I am guessing there is some AI setting that is being triggered. When I use the standard text card, the message displayed by the bot is being changed. For example, If I have a standard text card that says "hi there", the bot then displays Hello, or Hello there, or some other variation.
I believe I figured out the solution, though it my break other things. In the template I was using, there is a setting for a Personality Agent that is set up. If I disable this, the text boxes will display the exact message. If I enable it, the text boxes then display a message that may be different than what I intended. Unfortunately, I think disabling it breaks other parts of the bot. So, not sure of the solution. Can I enable the Personality for most messages, but disable it for messages where I want a verbatim text box.
Hi there, so the Personality Agent is meant to rephrase all outgoing messages to the user according to the defined personality and brand style. It's a nice extra feature, but not needed. You can disable it, and it won't break anything. The Personality Agent applies to the whole bot, not individual messages, so you can't enable it for individual messages.
@delightful-sandwich-12539, you could add a feature request to enable Personality agent on specific nodes like the knowledge base answering. I would be happy to upvote that feature request.
Will do. Thanks
This feature will actually SOLVE all of my problems