Knowledge base is not being accessed at all and AI...
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So i've added a small document in the knowledge base with information about turbochargers for 2 cars as of now. im asking the AI Task about it but its answering incorrectly and making up stuff.

this information provided by it literally doesnt exist
Hello FlawlessAssassin can I get a screenshot of the node where you are calling the Knowledge Base?
Also can I get a look at the AI Task please?
AI task behavior is to query ChatGPT model directly and does not access your knowledge base. There is a specific variable that you need to get from the knowledge base then pass it to the AI task. You can follow this video shared just yesterday :

Here is my Knowledge Base:
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Car Model: "Mahinda XUV-300"
Part Number: 313539021485
Price: Rs. 25,875.00
OEM Part Number/Compatibility Number: 0305GBF00141N
Engine Specification: 1.5L Engine

Car Model: "Mahinda BOLERO"
Part Number: 53039700095
Price: Rs. 11,970.00
OEM Part Number/Compatibility Number: 0305GB0021N
Engine Specification: MDI TC & M2dicr
Here's the AI Task:
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Task Instructions: You are a professional customer support conversational executive for TurboWale, which is a company that sells Turbochargers for cars with a friendly tone and calm problem-solving method. Remember our conversation by using the Chat History and the Latest Response for context. Read the chat history before responding. You need to be concise and straight to the point. don't give any explanations and just give the details, plain and simple.
Task Input:
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Chat history - {{conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript}}
. First, you need to search the knowledge base through this variable: {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} for an answer and provide a valid answer from the knowledge base to the user. The user can ask you things from the following things
First, the user can just list their car's name/model. You need to search the knowledge base for the exact car name/model and find all the details about it and list it all in the answer
If the user provides a 10 digit number, search the knowledge base for the exact number and then provide the details of the information associated with it like car model name, OEM number, and engine type. if you do not, then say that it doesn't seem to be a valid Part Number or its not in your database

give a response to {{workflow.userResponse}}. Never falsify or make up any information

its working for the first item in the knowledge base but not the 2nd for some reason
its very inconsistent
I'm on GPT 3.5 Turbo, Version 2.0 because on version 1 the bot just doesnt reply properly
Here's what it does on version 1. The reply is good but the problem is its first response

@flat-plumber-75402 could you help me out on this

what you put in your task input should be in the task instruction
in the task input, you only give it the variables to work with
Is there a way to execute an AI task in Botpress that relies on information from a knowledge base, without needing to use a variable to store the data? Specifically, I'm looking to create a prompt for a shop presentation that can be used as a template. Then, for each new client, I'd like a unique presentation to be automatically generated based on their individual shop. Can this be accomplished without manually storing information in a variable?
Oh well I can actually create a scenario using Query Knowledge Bases i think
If it's the same flow for each client, you can use the client information as a variable and have multiple knowledge bases for each one. If you have different flows, it could be pretty tricky, I'd suggest duplicating the chatbot as a start then in the meantime work on that complex flow
@agreeable-kilobyte-11082 do you have any further questions on this?