Hi! I encounter issue where the bot is not respond...
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Hi! I encounter issue where the bot is not responding or it takes time to load the pre-set response. Is it because a huge number of end-users trying to test the chatbot via shareable link? (I cascade the bot to our entire company to gather details)
I'd be surprised if the latency is linked to people talking to it
is this happening also in the studio?
In the studio? Do you mean where I edit the bot? If yes, it's working fine in the studio when I tried to check. Only the shareable link got multiple feedback where the bot didn't respond. Around 150 people are expected to test it.
@freezing-printer-49373 just want to confirm that the traffic generated when accessing the shareable link is the reason on why the bot didn't respond or it took longer to get a response?
no i dont think that's the issue
i'm currently discussing this issue internally
can you provide a report-id, i'll have a core engineer take a look
here is the procedure on how to provide a report-id https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1135675069495005306
Sorry for mentioning you directly. Already created a report ID 452a224b-0851-4c22-93c1-30a2b9d4b573
No problem, engineering is currently investigating
will let you know if i need more details 🙂