Botpress workflow variable extraction
# 🤝help
Is there a way to take values from a Google sheet via zapier and send it to botpress and store it into a workflow variable?
thanks Muhammed V. give me a minute and I'll get back to you quickly on this.
Alright fortunatly for us both others have had similar questions. Review these two threads and let me know if you have any additional questions.
Thanks! I'll let you know if I face any issues.
No worries. Glad to help.
Hey @flat-plumber-75402, I'm trying to get the webhook working but the webhook event card doesn't show up in the cards section. Any fix?
Also, when I send event.conversationId in Zapier, I'm getting convo-3 instead of a long string

Hey Muhammad V have you enabled the integration. Once you have connected the app and entered the secret you still have to click the enable integration toggle. I had the same thing happen to me, and then I went back and saw I forgot to enable it.

The convo-3 is the designation its from the emulator
Shouldn't the conversation key be a long one?
I did as the thread said, but it doesn't work.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong
The convesation ID is long unless you are in the emulator. Then you get the Convo-3.
Which channel are you testing this on?
When I test this on webchat, I am getting "the value is undefined"
The webhook is indeed recieved

@flat-plumber-75402 also, when I get this working, and I send through a bunch of values like name, email, telephone num, etc... How can I use them individually?