Variations to a Message
# 👀feature-requests
Would be great if the bot could send a variation of a same message. For example: If the bot is suppossed to say: Hi!, My name is Richard and i'm your assistant; It would be incredible to have an ai variation generator or a manual one where you could set different type of messages related to the original such as: Hello! I'm Richard, your Ai Assistant or Hi! Im Richard and today i'm gonna be your assistant. These variations would be sent randomly.
yess VoiceFlow has a great function for that suggesting 5 variations (or more).
hey! that could be simply done using an Execute Card.
shorter version! 1. Pick an execute card, and add your variations (in below code)
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workflow.welcomeMessage = _.sample([
  "Hello! I'm Richard, your AI Assistant",
  "Hi! I'm Richard, your AI Assistant",
  "Welcome! I'm Richard, your AI Assistant",
  "Greetings! I'm Richard, here to assist you.",
  "Jumping in to assist! Hello, I'm Richard.",
2. display the variations with
thanks for sharing, Ill actually implement this 💡I do have to add that in VoiceFlow the AI makes suggestion automatically without the need to ask GPT and put it into code.
I saved my different questions inside a variable called "workflow.randomQuestion" Then used a execute card to chose one at random: const randomQuestionSelected = _.sample(workflow.randomQuestion) workflow.randomQuestionSelected = randomQuestionSelected Then output the value workflow.randomQuestionSelected in a Capture card. Same result, slightly different flow.
👏 yes this works great for now