I just made my first chatbot for my private home c...
# 🤝help
Hey, I gave it a shot and the first time I had an interaction that wasn't a single choice, it gave me an error
I am referring to the part after it asked me if I have any further questions and I asked it what information I'd need to provide and it gave me an error and ended the conversation
Because I am seeing this as a reoccurring issue with the bots, I'd recommend instead of ending the conversation (As it did with me, might be just a bug) To link it back to "Do you have any other questions?" so the client can retry asking the question as i'm seeing that sometimes rephrazing the question gives an adequate answer


I really appreciate the feedback!
I appreciate you pointing that out, will fix it now.👍
glad i could help when you are ready, you can share your bot here https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1120796649686573086