Is it me or botpress? #help
# 🤝help
I have problems @cold-motherboard-82208 with (grab your drink) the expressions not executing, knowledge base shooting off before intents, personality agent incorrectly covering capture questions. Failure transitions and "no answer to question" etc expressions dont work most of the time. Failure has never picked up an un answered question for me. I've tried to track "No valid answer found" with expressions but none of that works. I'm not even prompting anything (no ai task or personality agent) just trying to get sense of the knowledge base recurse that seems to happen before anything like intents - which is like silly, right? One last thing - how does the kb stock bot relate to the personality agent relate to an ai task personality altogether without it being a mess? 8P I can get some parts working okay but as soon as I pull a few parts together stuff just stops working. So, am I missing something? Or is this Botpress still very much in development? Thanks
I think the Botpress is still in development, for example the knowledge base setup not "complex" enough to manage user's files in a good way.
I can only comment on the personality agent problem because I had the same issue - the personality agent is affecting ALL NODES, even the pre-written ones (Simple text). Therefore, it will change all the responses based on how you programmed the personality agent to respond.
It's annoying, but they said they are working on node based personality agent, just like the knowledge base (with knowledge base, you can choose which nodes are going to be using the KB, but with personality agent, you just can't).
I've played around a bit and having more success using the Query KB and "do not auto-answer" option. It sounds like people are creating commercial grade software on here so its must just be me but it sounds like there are a few key developments on the go too.