How do i get the bot to answer a question even if ...
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I have the choice to ask another question for which the user can be looped back to the knowledge base , but i want the bot to still answer the question even if this choice hasn't been selected , as i'd like the conversation to continue to flow to become more natural. Then when the user wants to end the conversation they can choose they have no more questions.

did u figure this out cause ive been having the exact problem
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 it would be possible to do this?
yeah, you can enable knowledge answering on the node where your capture card is. Or you can go to advanced configs -> retries and set retures to 0 and handle the user's text in your flow
please have a look on this, so annoying the Knowledge Base is not activated in that node, yet when the user is starting the discussion proceeds to make an opener because of 'Answer found in Knowledge Base'

Yes, there is also a knowledge agent option to "answer on start node" that can be disabled
it was disabled and it was still answering, i have even restarted botpress before sending the picture however now it's working fine
ty for your time