WhatsApp integration doesnt work, PLEASE HELP
# 🤝help
hi, could someone please help, when im integrating my bot into whatsapp i get the initial "hello world" message but when i start texting i dont get any replies from my bot. my bot is fully functional in botpress however
This part of our FAQs might be relevant, let us know if it helps: https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1132033181076443147/1135606285635686441
didnt help:(
i was following the exact steps accprding to the youtube video, and it didnt work for me but on the video it was working
can it be because my business account is not verified on facebook?
weird, when i click start verification it says its verified
Sorry, not sure as other than what's described in the FAQ above (test vs real phone number from Whatsapp, proper configuration, etc.) it should work out of the box unless there's something specific with your Meta account's setup that's preventing it from working.