Enabling AI Chatbot to Identify Relevant User Case...
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I'm currently developing a chatbot tailored for law firms. The primary goal is to enable the chatbot to determine whether the user's case falls within the scope of the legal practices offered by the law firm. If the user's case aligns with the firm's expertise, the chatbot will guide them to the next stage of the conversation. Conversely, if the case doesn't align, the interaction will conclude. Could you provide guidance on how to enable the AI to accurately assess whether a user's case meets the specified criteria and seamlessly direct them accordingly?
hey @green-caravan-17689, I'd recommend first asking the user a few questions about the case they want to present. Then, you can feed these answers into an AI task along with other instruction to get a response. The "other instruction" part is really crucial, as this context will be used by the AI to make a decision. I recommend using information like: * Definitions of the legal terms * Examples of user answers and what the correct decision is * Very clear description of what the law firm's scope is