Automating an on/off activation of the bot
# 🤝help
Hello all! I'm wondering if there is a way to integrate a Chatbot to Whatsapp (as an example), but having it active only on pre-determined days. The rest of the time, it would be a human answering. Is it an existing possibility ? Thanks in advance for your help !
1. Create a workingHours variable. The type should be "Boolean" (that's a yes / no) 2. At the start of your conversation generate code in Execute code with this label "check if the current time is within working hours (mon-friday 9am-5pm EST) and save it to the workingHours variable.", replace the times and timezone with yours. 3. add a transition with the label "if it's not working hours", and transition the user to an empty node. That will prevent the bot from answering.

@acceptable-gold-88171 i appreciate you taking the time. Looks like a sound logic, i'll try that. Thanks a lot !
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