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# 🤝help
hey guys. Today when I went to enter the editor it showed the message "**There are 5 documents in the database which are not used in your knowledge bases. they may affect your bot answers**" but I didn't have any of those documents anywhere visible in my bot. Where are they? Example: my bot answered a question with "you can follow the walk through provided in the KB Botpress 1.pdf document" but that document no longer existed within the bot.
It happened to me as well, just with 250 documents. but it seems it doesn't affect the bot
same here
Hi @rich-battery-69172 and @acceptable-gold-88171, do you have an answer to this question?
These probably come from a previous version of your bot, if you used an "Import.." or if you picked a new template, we don't delete the docs & tables by precaution. You can click the delete button if you don't have any docs / tables that are missing in your bot
Yep I'm getting the same message after deleting docs in the KB
where can we find this "database" where we can choose to delete the documents manually?
apparently disabling/deleting the KB sections doesn't do anything?
@rich-battery-69172 ?