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I am making an axios api request,I notice a delay in the execute code. It working well few weeks ago. Now so the payload that I want to print out prints after the workflow ends not at the node. Who would this happend and how can I fix it? Report id: 73a0a7ea-ce8f-45ab-ae1e-6328bb9229b7
Hi @early-farmer-86334 , how are you printing the response of the execute code? My initial thought is that it's a flow problem if it prints after a workflow.
hey patrick, I am printing on the log it is printing in time but when I see the variables they are not stored at the same time
so the variables are still null




in this screen shot you see they are priinted the but variables arestill not set
@acceptable-gold-88171 can you please take a look at this screen shot, sorry for the ping