Disable Automatic tag creation
# 🤝help
When I type something in email or 10 digit number, the chatbot creates a tag link for it. But I do not want that to happen. How can I stop the automatic conversion of strings to email/number links? Thanks in advance.
Hi @steep-bird-24487 , can you tell us more about why you want to do this? This is a bit tricky. We have control over how it appears in webchat since we built it, but for other channels it depends on their implementation. If you are okay with not having links at all, you could have this css to disable all links.
a pointer-events: none; a.nostyle:link { text-decoration: inherit; color: inherit; cursor: auto; } a.nostyle:visited { text-decoration: inherit; color: inherit; cursor: auto; }
Hi @acceptable-gold-88171 Thanks for getting back on it. So, I do want to stop this from happening because even when I type 1234567890, it thinks of it as a phone number, which its clearly not! I would try the css and see if it works 🙂
I want to just control it over webchat! If that's what you mean