Simple global Intent "no" is not working
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Hi everyone. I am trying to implement intent "No". Simple intent, built-in one. Went over all resources numerous times, including videos (I watch them all). Simple situation - KB , + AI (GPT-like) answering users' questions. After each AI iterates different questions to ask the user if he has any additional questions. Obviously user might say "No" when asked if he has any additional questions. "No" - is built-in intent, global one. Checked whether everything is right - it is. So I set everything in accodance with instructions. YET, No intent (transition is being triggered). Any ideas why is is happening?

Hi @proud-journalist-55853 ! There is a bug with global intents. While we work on a fix, could you try using inline intents instead?
,@acceptable-gold-88171 Thanks for the update. At least I know I am not too stupid:)
@acceptable-gold-88171 I tried using inline intents. They occasionally work, but mostly don't. Likewise I tried to add - as an addition - an expression "check if the answer to the workflow.userProblem is "no" or "Not" or "I do not have" or any similar intent" - with a condition "event.nlu.intents?.some(intent => === 'int-no')". It didn't work at all = This transition was not triggered Variables aiAnotherProblem: "Do you have any other questions or issues you would like assistance with?" aiProblemAnswer: "I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand your input. Can you please provide more information?" .
I mean when AI askes question and the users' input is "no" - instead of transition AI interprets it as "user question" and not the intent that the user has no more questions.
What do you think - can I resolve this problem by adding "User intents" chapter in the Knowledge base?
Hi @acceptable-gold-88171 I think I figured out THE ULTIMATE -100% solution for any intent. Huge thanks @bumpy-butcher-41910 for the inspiration - his video

(Integrate AI Task and Knowledge Base). Any Intent transition in 3 steps. Works every a time I tried, but takes a bit of time. Step 1 - Create document with intents and add it to the Knowledge base. Step 2 - Create a simple AI task -Task Instructions = "If the user input is intent, store it in the variable @workflow.userIntent" + AI Task Input ( {{event.kb.results}}). Step 3 - add one or more transitions (expression) - example -Label = if workflow.userProblem is No / Condition = workflow.userProblem === "No".
Since it works 100% - It could be helpful/backup to everyone. Can you suggest improvements to this method?