Version Control for some peace of mind 🥹
# 👀feature-requests
If there is one thing that has ruined me in this world it was discovering version control. Now I need it always. 😅 Seriously though, I have made the most incredible bots on botpress in the last few months, but I have also destroyed those bots a couple times accidentally. Usually I eventually find a minor bug after a bunch of testing, and thinking it's just a small bug, I'll just go fix it quickly. Before I know it the entire thing is a mess and I'm prompting it to make up excuses for why it's behaving badly and leave (true story). Without any means to go back to a prior working state, I'm all too often pulling all nighters just to get it back to some semi reasonable state because I have to have it presentable for a demo the next day or something. If I had version control, I could recognise that something went really badly wrong somewhere along the line, and I'd be better off reverting to a prior state. I know their is an export feature, an I have been hitting that hard after last nights experience - but today that was throwing error 400s and it was pretty stressful working on it without even having exports to revert to... I have looked inside the exports, and it's mostly human readable JSON (right?). Please can we just be able to put these easily on any form of version control from within botpress 🙏