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# 🤝help
16:27:44errorError executing action "inline-ins-137510a6c4.js" in flow:Main:node:Final_Doc HTTP (post) URL Received "Cannot convert argument to a ByteString because the character at index 55 has a value of 11014 which (...)" Request failed with status code 500 This was working fine yesterday, I tried to sanitize the code as well to no luck
FYI: To find the character that corresponds to a specific Unicode value, you can use Python. Let's identify the character that corresponds to the Unicode value 11014. Finished working Hide work python # Unicode value to find the character for unicode_value = 11014 # Convert the Unicode value to its corresponding character character = chr(unicode_value) character RESULT '⬆' The character corresponding to the Unicode value 11014 is "⬆" (an upwards arrow). You should check the data you're sending in the request to see if this character is present, especially around the indicated index (55). If it is, determine if it's supposed to be there or if it might be causing the issue. If it's not intended to be in the request, consider removing or replacing it.
I also checked all my variables and code and I don't think it's on my end?
@rich-battery-69172 any idea?
@microscopic-shampoo-2255 hey it seems to be the API you are calling returning an error? i don't know what's on but the error comes from there
ok thanks
@rich-battery-69172 do you ahve any guess at what might have changed to have it give that error
It's flowise. I don't get how every other call works but this one. I feel like I am just breaking my bot farther and farther.
mmm it's hard to say but you should check with the flowise team - or do you have logs on flowise you could check?
I got it 🙂
one of those, I probably just needed to go to bed and start on a fresh brain