Allowing multiple user chats before processing wit...
# 🤝help
Hey everyone, I've encountered an issue where some users tend to type multiple chat messages consecutively before expecting a response. For example: 🤖 System: What can I assist you with today? 🧑‍🦲 User: I need to build a chatbot 🧑‍🦲User: but it keeps responding 🧑‍🦲User: before I've even finished explaining my entire issue. 🤖 System: That might be because of how chatbots traditionally respond immediately without waiting for a complete context. I'm trying to configure the bot to act more like a human: to wait and "listen" until the user has finished typing, and then respond after a certain period of inactivity (say, 10 seconds ⏱️). Does anyone have experience with this issue or know how to make it work with GPT integration in Botpress? Appreciate any insights!
Another example would be a dealership. System: What kind of car are you look for? 🧑‍🦲User: 2020 Ford ❌ System: What model (Milliseconds after) 🧑‍🦲User: Focus ❌ System: How many miles? (Milliseconds after) 🧑‍🦲User: with low miles 🤖 System: Nice! Let me see what we have. A certain percent of 🧑‍🦲 users like sending multiple messages instead of putting it all in one message.
Same problem as well. Would love some guidance on this