how do i get bot press to use its knowledge base a...
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I would like to make it so that knowledge base answering is on yet if the user selects a single choice it does not run the knowledge base. In the picture provided if i select the boxes that say teeth whitening treatment or top up ect, it will not use the knowledge base answering as i have alr provided nodes and answeres for those selectetions. Yet if they type a question in that is not one of the selections provided it will then use the knowledge base answering if their is any coding or anything for this pls let me know

You can simply have the options that you have shown there to nodes and then just have an expression that if a user types something in it will capture it and ignore the single choice
what exactly do i need to type into the expression and will this work if i want it to ignore knowledge base answering if they use th single choice
this is what i have for now but it dosent work

if possible could u give me the what to write in the transition block and how the node is set up
so the single choice will still allow the user to type something in... if what the user types doesn't match a choice then it continues down the card
then just add an Expression card... in the value type turn.knowledgeagent.responded and connect that to another node. if you want to handle something that doesn't have an answer you can add another expression card and type the same value but just put ! infront of it

so what i need is act for it to understand that when i have used the single choice shown where i say a teeth whitening treatment it will not use the KB as i have already connected it with another node and that node has the answer alr typed out cause when i do use it with the knowlegde base it blurts all of this other stuff out basically what im trying to get it do is recognise if the input the user typed is not one of the options on the single choice then it will use the knowlegdge base but when it is one of the options on the single choice it will not use the knowledge base as i have alr wrote an answer for this.

really thanlful that ur helping me with this as this is all i need to secure my first client means alot thanks
i'm in the same boat as you trying to get my first client too! It's an uphill climb for sure!!
You could maybe use a mixture of intents, or a dedicated node that it can be directed to that uses a 'query knowledge base' card
all goods cheers for the help
@dazzling-vr-10536 did you get your solution to your question? I have a similar challenge in that I already created a controlled workflow with nodes, but I also incorporated KB and I need both scenarios to work so that I can accomodate the user who wants to quickly click buttons for answers AND for the user who wants to type in for more details information