Displaying 'Fetching Information' Prompt Upon User...
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I'm currently working on improving my Botpress chatbot's user experience. When a user asks a question, I would like the chatbot to immediately respond with a 'Fetching information...' message, which indicates that it's in the process of searching for the answer. The problem is that the message only shows up after the bot has found the answer. Is there a way to make the 'Fetching information...' message appear right after the user's question is captured, and then have it followed by the actual answer once it's found?
Hey @ambitious-dress-87490, not yet. We're working on ways to implement asynchronous messaging, but for now all bot messages go out at the same time.
Hey @ambitious-dress-87490 I was thinking over this problem and had a thought. Is this the behavior you are looking for https://vimeo.com/855152360/7bbe01fdb0?share=copy?
If it is you can do this by using a raw expression prompt and capture the question from the user in a variable. Then send your "Fetching Information..." Message. Then use the Query knowledge Bases Card to send the information to the knowledge base to look for an answer. Then display the answer. Which is what I do in this flow. If this is what you are looking for I have exported the bot so you can look at it closer.


I appreciate your help Sara, but your bot has the same problem that I had which was that all the messages show at the same time. The only cards that don't do that I have seen are capture information cards, so there could be a way to use them as a fetching information card, but I haven't figured out yet how to do that.