Payment through Botpress based on message count (N...
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I'm attempting to figure out the method to collect payments through Botpress where the user must pay for X amount of messages based on the amount paid. *ie. 50 messages = $5... And after the 50 messages, they are prompted to select another amount to purchase to continue chatting. * Is there documentation somewhere on this or a quick tip anyone can provide? Just to point me in the right direction.
Let me check if I understand correctly before providing a solution. You want to find a way for a user to pay for a bundle of messages and then prop the user to buy a new bundle when he reaches 0 on his "account" Am I missing anything?
That is accurate. They purchase a set bundle of messages which sets it so they have X number of messages they can receive as a responses. When they expend all of the number of messages they purchased, they are prompted to purchase another new bundle of messages.
Okay you should be able to get that done in Botpress but keep in mind that you will need to create an external system(API) to handle the purchase and the balance for users. Your bot can then use this API to check if a user as enough credit to speak to the bot and if not prompt the user into purchasing more.
When you say external system, do you mean just an external database from Botpress that tracks the purchase/credits?
Yes I mean database and API to connect the DB to Botpres
@proud-kitchen-90208 have you figured this out yet?
Can I just create one on airtable?
Please DM. I will explain how to do it. Through Whatsapp, Telegram etc, it is super simple. It's gets a bit complicated on widget/iframe etc. But it still doable.
Hello guys! Is it possible to use this AI bot in telegram group?