Hi, I'm trying to build a chatbot and I'd like to ...
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Hi, I'm trying to build a chatbot and I'd like to get your advice on if it's complicated or not for my use case. The Chatbot will be installed on a Swimming Pool installator website. It should give personalized recommendations to the user and answer most of his questions. These recommendations should come from the website Knowledge base, as there are many many different items and situations to take into account : type of terrain, materials, types of pools, budgets etc. Also, the Chatbot should also be able to answer a vast array of questions from the user (questions directly related to the website KB of course) From your experience, would it require a highly-complex workflow ? Also, can the Chatbot read the whole website pages if we provided the domain as the KB ? I tried asking some directly related questions to the bot, but it just gave me a general answer without going very deep into the website KB.. is it normal or did I do something wrong ?