# 🤝help
Hey Guys, I have a rather detailed question: So I have a bot that should evaluate, if the Resume sent in by the user, matches the job requirements that I have in my knowledge base. The bot should be answering something like "Your resume matches the Job requirements, please follow this link: (link)" Instead my bot always answers the last thing standing in my AI Instructions But my bot isn't able to do so, and I don't know if it's and AI Task problem or an KB problem. I've put in some pictures so you can see what's in my KB and AI task.

Hey! instead of saying "given in the last user message" try with
I'm not sure how are you sending the resume to the bot as user. Can you elaborate on this?
Of course, so now I'm sending a resume as a text-message written in the Chatbot, just to see if the AI Task can read this. The limit is 1000 digits, so it shouldn't work on a proper Resume. I wanted to ask if it is possible to let the user upload a file inside the chatbot and the bot would be evaluating the file like a user input. I don't know if its a feature yet, but would be nice.