Invisible Scrollbar, NEED IT 'VISIBILE' - Webchat ...
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Using the Webchat Advanced Styler, I have not found a solution to an invisible/transparent scrollbar. Please help. Here is my current CSS link:::

@bright-magazine-792 can you help here please?
hey @clean-doctor-91284! May I know which browser are you testing on?
I don't know if you saw my message @bright-magazine-792 . I'm not a frequent Discord user. We have tested the widget within Chrome.
So you need an invisible scrollbar? In your screenshot I don't see a scrollbar, just curious on what do you want to achieve?
The status is invisible and that is the issue. I want a visible scrollbar, thus I put in the 'help' request. I want a normal looking scrollbar that is visible for the user can visual see to go up and down the chatbot window.
@bright-magazine-792 We have made every possible CSS adjustment within the Advanced Styler and not able to product the results of a visible scrollbar.
/* Styling for the chat container, including color, scrollbar width and color, and border */ .bpw-chat-container { background-color: #FCFCFC; scrollbar-width: auto; scrollbar-color: #999999; border: none; }
/* Styling for the scrollbar in the chat container */ .bpw-chat-container::-webkit-scrollbar, .bpw-chat-container::-moz-scrollbar { width: 10px; background-color: #999999; border: none; }
/* Styling for the general scrollbar in the web page */ ::-webkit-scrollbar { width: .5rem; } /* Styling for the track of the general scrollbar and the chat container scrollbar */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-track, .bpw-chat-container::-webkit-scrollbar-track, .bpw-chat-container::-moz-scrollbar-track { background-color: #999999; }
/* Styling for the thumb of the general scrollbar and the chat container scrollbar */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb, .bpw-chat-container::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb, .bpw-chat-container::-moz-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #999999; /* Light grey thumb color */ border-radius: .1rem; border: 0.7rem solid transparent; }
can you try this
copy the contents of it and paste it in the code editor and click "run"
Perfect. I see a few lines were deleted. Thank you soooo much for your assistance.