Having difficulty building intent based chatbot wi...
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Trying to build an intents based chatbot with a knowledge base, where the chatbot understands certain intents from the user, and if no intents are met it answers using the knowledge base document. I've set it up working correctly except for a certain feature I'm trying to implement. I want the bot to take me to a fallback menu for the user when no intent is met and no answer from the knowledge base is provided but for some reason the logic expressions are failing no matter how I try to code or organise them. I've even attempted setting up a code block with a boolean but this hasn't worked either... This project is for a client and I've been working night and day trying to fix these errors! Please help!
Not sure its the correct method but this is what I did. Create 3 nodes. One node for the users question, that looks out for Intent. A second node that searches the KB and a third node for the Fallback. In the first Node save the question as a variable (turn KB off) and insert the Intent card. In the second node (turn KB on) use a "Query Knowledge Bases" type card entering the variable. Then add a text card with the {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} which prints the answer from the KB if found. Add an Expression card with the Condition : !turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded (ie. information not found in KB) which is linked to the Fallback Card that tells the user the information was not found and asks them to try again.


Thanks! I was finally able to figure it out but seeing your structure is similar has given me more confidence. Cheers 🙌