Summary agent
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How can I use summary agent to setup a daily diary that keep on track for my customer ?
Hello @agreeable-kilobyte-11082 Can you clarify a little more what you mean? Are you building a bot to help user write diary entries or are you trying to track specific information for the users?
I just want the bot to remember the user
And his answers
Is there any videos on how to use the summarize agente variables ?
And also how I can let AI task talk to the customer without a loop like an open Question/Answer based on the previous response like a chatgpt UI
I would recommend using User Variables which are found the Chatbot Settings

Under variables

you can store the information here
Here is the link to the documenation on the summary agent
Can you clarify what you mean without a loop?
I think I get what you're saying, I made it so they're just chatting by using a "raw input" capture information and then just feed that to the AI, then it replies and so on. Another way I have done to remember the user (if you can code) is to create an API endpoint and save everything on a DB then when the user returns just recover what I need (you can also just set the user variables as @flat-plumber-75402 mentioned here)
Screenshots of your node would help get you better answers. Anyway, make sure you have a "Wait for User Input" card after you've sent the nextAssistantMessage. Then you can add an "always" card to loop to the top of the node:

what would be the advantage of doing that vs using a "raw input" capture card ? same outcome as far as I can tell
Alright thanks you everyone
The summary agent only work once the conversation turn off ?
Is it possible to have AI memory from this loop ?
To have a discussion
Or do the AI memory reste every loop
Otherwise i'll have to add a variable to store the user input & AI reponse so the AI can remember it and give it as an AI task input ?
Okay I think i find a way myself thanks. @flat-plumber-75402 How are the variable to be used ? I can just store anything in it and then guide the AI task / knowledge answer with a prompt to use this variable ?
Yes @PoK you can guide the AiTask to user the variable you can also use the query knowledge base card to use the variable.