Can we force a timeout?
# 🤝help
i am making some changes to my bot and I'd like for all users to be able to enjoy them. I have a long timeout (3 days) but I was wondering if there's any way to force the timeout for users to be able to get all updates at once.
@bumpy-addition-21507 Can you explain this with an example, it's not clear what you're asking.
This is a flow of what I mean: A user is talking to the bot, then leaves the conversation hanging (they provided no last reply). Ideally, from what I understand, the bot would timeout eventually, that's great. But what if, while the user is interacting, I need to make a big change (maybe an API call) then I've had test users which get the change once I publish and others that don't until they timeout. However, while that happens they don't get the update. In my head a solution for this is to "kick" the user out of the session and force to start it again. Can it be done?