carousel cards not intergerated.
# 🤝help
Hello @cold-motherboard-82208 developers I just finished creating a bot and published but i can't see the carousel feature. Its been ignored. What should i do?

The same happened to me in WhatsApp except it just posted sequentially instead of a carousel. Sadly my own solution was to not use it. Not sure if someone here has a different solution
@adventurous-printer-92010 can you show the setup of the Carousel?
Did you add an action to the card? I added an action and a label but didnt change the URL and was getting same error
error: Bt [Error]: data/items/0/actions/0/value must NOT have fewer than 1 characters, data/items/0/actions/1/value must NOT have fewer than 1 characters (Error ID: err_1692468964120x479BFC06)
after adding an url it works fine.

Error is saying that the value of the action cannot be less than 1 character