The user has to double-text for the bot to respond
# 🤝help
My bot is working fine except that theres a bug that makes the user send 2 messages before it responds. Any idea how to fix it. I've attached a picture of what all of my nodes look like this is what all of my nodes look like

you're already waiting for user input just with the "area" or "pricerange" ones, why do you have the "Wait for user input" after that? (honest question)
Yehh as BatleSynth is saying by setting two capture information nodes after each other it results in the user needing to send the message twice. a capture information node has a variable it catches the information in. It doesn't matter if its a "area" or "wait for user input" they both basicly do the same thing. You can therefore get out of your problem by deleting one and the other one you will leave the variable in. Capture information node stops the user until they have responded no matter which one of them you choose. Therefore you dont need the "Wait for user input" Hope it helped if not just send me a direct dm and I will try to help