Knowledge Base Return
# 🤝help
After setting up my Knowledge Base with a .doc document, the emulator shows that it found the answers, but it did not reply it on the bot. Ws there something I did wrong? would appreciate some help with that! Sidenote: Country Rock / Rap is BUSSIN for doing this!

hey there - apologies for the late reply @curved-agent-41067!
do you have manual answering enabled in the knowledge agent menu?
Hey there Robert, thanks for the rescue, and no, I haven't and I don't think I know what's that for
You mind elaborating on it?
Right now, the workflow is isolated to four text answers, but I want it to be more automated so my client can update it on their own behalf, so will appreciate some assistance here!

if you click the robot icon in the top left corner and head to your knowledge agent
I suspect this option "Answer Manually" is enabled for you

so your bot is getting the answer, but not sending it to your user
I see, thanks for the support. Will try it out now!