'Conversation started' node not showing up
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Hi guys i wanted to enable my bot to send the first message. there is a video by botpress on youtube called 'Bot Welcome Message' wich explains how to do this. however in the video they talk about the card 'conversation started' within the events folder. however when i try to add the card there are no cards under the events folder. It says: 'Node cannot except these cards'. does anyone know how to fix this?


Hey @important-byte-48932, the reason its not coming up in there is because you are focused on a standard node. Either click off the nodes or refresh the page. Then you should be able to open up the card menu and drag and drop the "conversation started" card in there.


Then connect that trigger to a normal node and put some text like I did in the picture.
@breezy-arm-18241 ahh great, thank you! the only problem i still have is connecting the start node to the trigger. it doesn't seem to work.
You don’t need to connect the start to the trigger. It’s more of an event listener. The trigger is a “start” node that starts when the event is called.
It won’t work in the emulator. Try publishing and going to the bot link. It should message as soon as you open it.
okay thanks! i'll try that.
@breezy-arm-18241 still doesn't seem to work. do you know what is wrong with this?


Look at the pic I sent. Just connect trigger 1 to standard1 and that’s it. Connect the other stuff to your start node.
Are you opening your bot after publishing it?
okay, i've connected them. still doesn't work, i don't know what i'm doing wrong
Did you publish the bot after making changes and refresh the website? Remember it may take up to 10 seconds after opening the bot to for the text to appear.
Same here - followed the steps, it shows greeting, and then user types in the question, but then it says that there's no info in knowledge base, but i haven't touched that
this was the fix that did it for me


hopefully helps someone in a future