AI Task VS Personality Agent
# 🤝help
A question about AI task compared to personality agent. BG info: My KB is very simple and just has the important information nothing more. This means that when it answer purely from the Knowledge agent with no personality agent or AI task the answer is very plain and dull. Example of a KB text: Phone Number = xxx xxx xx. Email = Another KB text: Tent Includes: Ta ble, 4 beeds, 1 oven etc. If i want to take the information from the KB but give a more realistic human response from the information which one is best? Feel free to tag me so its easier for me to see your response. Thanks in advance 🙂
Also is that the correct setup for the KB? Or should it be long texts with alot of spread out information but more fluently written
hey @fresh-fireman-491, sounds like personality agent could be a good choice. Personality agent will re-write all bot messages to follow the prompted personality, including knowledge base answers, text and questions, and even other AI Tasks' outputs. KB formatting doesn't really matter as long as it is consistent.