Studio Collaboration
# 🤝help
Hey botpress community, Are we not able to use the studio sharing for multiple developers? cause once a change is made between my self and my developer it doesn't save.
@bumpy-butcher-41910 @crooked-van-25152 can you guys check, I got same issue with me and my client. We can't be using same workspace. I am as owner and he is in view mode.
they won't be able to work on bots at the same time, but the Cloud automatically saves with each change you make, so you should be able to hand off with a collaborator
you can see the status of your cloud save on the top right corner of the studio
Thanks @bumpy-butcher-41910 me and the team figured we have to also keep refreshing the screen after each change is made then it would save the changes and then my developer can do the same if he is primary user.