Using messaging server for custom integration with...
# 🤝help
Hi! I'm building an integration to connect with my equivalent of the webchat, using UI of my own. I wanted to do a sanity check on my planned architecture: 1. Use the Messaging Client in my integration code to post to my instance of the server 2. Host the messaging server on an EC2 instance. Connect it to a supabase postgres instance. 3. Use supabase realtime to sync messages from my webchat equivalent Does this line of thought make sense? Any suggestions or improvements are welcome. Cheers
Your plan is great and it would work but I would recommend waiting for the new api that is coming out soon.
was made to work with Botpress v12 and is a little limited and hard to work with Botpress cloud. The new api is a realtime channel with a bot! 🚀 Stay tuned for it!
I see. Is there an ETA? Or a way to sign up for a beta?
@colossal-egg-20510 for the record - happy to try early versions and provide feedback on this. My team and I are heavily invested in this at the moment, can hop on calls and so on if needed as well.
@flaky-ability-96739 Good to know that you are invested in our platform. I'll let you know when the api is ready to be used as a Beta tester. 🎉