Allow user to rate the bot's response with ThumbsU...
# 👀feature-requests
A quick way to receive feedback from the user without breaking the conversation flow, with a small 👍 👎 next to the answer

It would be a good feature to integrate this with the new method for fine-tuning GPT 3.5 models. When you click the thumbs-up button, it will fine-tune the response as a positive answer, and the reverse will occur with a thumbs-down selection.
The way Chatbase does it is perfect where you can manually review an answer and update it with what you wanted it to say. It remembers it next time. I wish botpress would implement something similar because botpress is such a better end to end solution.
Yea exactly its so good and nice to have. I mentioened it some time ago but not sure if it was seen. Such a great QoL feature
would love to see it