How to capture intent correctly
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objective -> catch the user's intent to send them to the correct flow. issues -> when using the intent "Falar com humano"("speak to a human"), the bot goes to the single choice question instead of sending them to the correct flow. solutions already attempted: i moved the single choice card (ComprarVenderAlugar) up , and nothing changed. i also refreshed the page multiple times with the changes.

Hey there, I think you need a Raw Capture card before your intent cards
If you're going to use a multiple-choice card, there's no need to create an intent card. Once you limit his options, as soon as he clicks on the option, he will be directed to the node/flow you define. If you want to identify his intent without a multiple-choice, let's say the user writes "I was thinking about buying a house," you can use an AI Task where you instruct ChatGPT to determine the user's intent, and then you create an intent card to direct him where you want. Check out this example in my bot

If you have any questions send me dm, i can help with that 🙌
Wow that’s a really nice approach . Thank you for sharing , i needed this 🙏😘😘🙏🙏
thanks man
I'm glad it helped 🥰