Using a specific website to search on and filterin...
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Objective: To use my website as the KB and get current information posted there returned in chatbot responses. Issues: I have taken the first steps in creating a chatbot using my website to search on. However: 1) if I do not filter results by time period, outdated information is returned (information which is no longer on the website). 2) if I filter results by time period (Page discovered in the last 24 hours), no information is returned. Can anyone explain what's going on here?
The problem is that your website needs indexing on the search engines
If I'm not mistaken, Botpress uses Bing for web search
If it doesn't pull recent informations or it does pull outdated information, it's because the indexing of your website is not recent. Do a quick Google search and you'll find ways to fix that.
Thanks for your help.