Making the answers sound more human.
# 🤝help
the boat that we've got is working really well, but it tends to "very long answers, with multiple pieces of information and sounds like it's just delivering a bit of formal text instead of being more conversational..... Can anybody help?
Hi @strong-spoon-51269 I believe you have two options. 1. Personality Agents: you can instruct your bot to answer questions anyway you'd like with the personality agent, you can prompt it to be "a helpful and assistant that answers questions directly and concisely." or " Answer questions briefly and simply". There is a lot you can do with it, if you have any question send me a DM and I'll can further help on that topic. 2. Check your KB for potential conversational design adjustments, the way information is described in your knowledge base affects the bot's response. However, as I mentioned earlier, using just the personality agent might be enough to solve this issue.
You can also give instructions in the Knowledge Agent settings
I had the same problem. For me i just went it to my KB and made my text in there shorter. If its from a website i would make text docs with just he needed information then use the personality agent to make take the simple info from the KB and make it better. I tried telling the personality agent to keep the answer short and similar stuff to that but it didnt help