Is there any way to modify the icon appearing on t...
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Is there any way to modify the icon appearing on the website? I mean the black circle with the chat logo inside it, basically the first thing that the user will click! I feel like it is not enough catchy on a general website page, let's say I want that button to be a .PNG of my choice, is that possible? Thank you for your answers in advance! 😄
Hey! Yes that's possible!
How is this possible?
Give me a sec, sharing the steps right away! Open this link and copy the entire CSS into the code section of Advanced Styler in I've added the code at the top on attaching a background image from a URL So make sure to have your PNG hosted somewhere so it's accessible using the link
let me know how it goes!
Make sure to run the code to see the changes, then thereafter you can generate your own Stylesheet URL and add it to your chatbot's settings in the admin dashboard
love it 🥂 Im a UI geek so things like this are great to see
Can we keep this Thread open?
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@crooked-van-25152 put this on quick-questions or some FAQ section. I think would be verry helpfull.
Thanks @quiet-raincoat-89190 ! Done 🙂
@bright-magazine-792 Thank you a lot, happy to see that it has been useful for a lot of people! 😄