Does botpress bot know what day is it?
# 🤝help
I am asking bot for the opening times for tomorrow (which should be Thursd), but bot is returning timings for Sat or Sunday. On asking opening times for thurs, its responding correctly. Anybody got any guidance on how to make bot know what day is it? See attached snapshot. answer is being fetched from the website in KB. #

No, it doesn’t know. You can specify to never answer questions about time
If you need the bot to know the time, you can try to add a website that tells the exact hour. Try it out, it could work
Thanks, I will try it out.
did not work - I think it captures the information once anyway
Diffrent time zones would make it hard
I have created one that can tell the date from a kb.
Take a look at the KB and the description of the KB
You could adjust the description of the KB so it would match what a user might ask. Then just keep trying till it works
Thanks - will take a look today