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In the attached screenshot, after answering my query, the bot is going back to the beginning of the message and triggering the first message again. How can i stop this? Because, i wanted to ask few more questions related to the service that i choose. (If i choose Single/Multiple choice card- it'll cause for the uncomfort to the user.) Hence, without using the card, i wanted my bot to serve multiple questions.

Hi, have you tried to connect the desired card with the 'End' node?
If you want your bot to answer multiple questions without prompting your user for a new question each time, use the "Wait for user input card" in subsequent nodes
rather than redirecting your user back to the beginning
here's how to use that card:

Thank you Robert, for your reply. I tried the "Wait for user input" and attached the screenshot. But i got couple of doubts here: 1) One card of "Wait for user input" serves only for 1 time (i.e. only 1 question)? If so, we don't know how many questions would be asked by customer before he/she moves forward. So, how can we decide the no. of "Wait for user input" cards to be added? 2) If the customer is waiting without asking any further questions, bot should trigger a "Single choice" (like 'Do you have any further questions'?) question after waiting for sometime (For ex: 2mins). Where and How can i control this time?

I don't want to end the conversation after each question. I wanted to retain the discussion until the customer says that there are no further questions to be asked.
you can adjust your bot's "Timeout" with the timeout workflow
which it automatically enters after a set period of time
you adjust this in your chatbot settings, by clicking the BP logo in the top left
as for your first question, generally you don't want your user to feel like they're stuck in a loop
so your bot can retry asking the question like this:

but your bot won't know when your user wants to do something else
you can add an intent to this loop, so if your user wants to "cancel" (or anything else you set) your bot will catch that

but in general the principle here is that you always want to give your user some kind of a leading statement, like "you can ask me anything" or "here's what I can help you with" - it helps inspire more confidence in your bot