Should I avoid the bot answering medical answers?
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Hi y'all. I have developed a bot that answers questions for a membership-based medical practice. The answers are supposed to be limited to memberships and FAQ, but the bot is also capable of answering basic medical questions. It may seem a good feature, but I'm concerned about the legal implications of it. I have a two tier structure that uses two levels of AI tasks to answer questions from the knowledge base (one from Botpress, and a support one from a third party). Should I instruct both levels to not answer medical questions?
Probably would be a good idea to not answer medical questions, however, if you do then you should state that the information is AI generated using a knowledge base and user should use the advice on their on risk. Just my 2 cents.
Yeah, that's what I thought. I managed to add that clause to the prompt and works beautifully. Tahnk you for your response!