User Variables
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Hello, i have 3 workflows. The main one (MW), User Data Capture (DCW) and Download (DW). I want the user to go from MW to DW, but before that, if user data is not saved, i want to capture their data in the DCW, saving the information in user.variables to use them in DW. MW -> DCW (get user.variables) -> DW (get and use user.variables) How can achieve that? Are the user type variables accesible from everywhere like sessions? Thank you very much in advance
The user variable works similar to the session variable. This video explains both.

But you can also use Input variables

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to reply. I tried the input variables but in the DCW the variables are saved in an object instead of a variable, i don't know why. Besides, i would like to use the user.variable so it lasts between different sessions but i'm having trouble referencing them from DW.